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 My fellow Democratic Senators and I sent a clear message to the General Assembly on Wednesday of last week, as we walked off the Senate floor and away from the unethical political tactics used to limit equal rights for the citizens of North Carolina.

The Republican majority made a mockery of our legislative process by withholding the official bill introduced on Wednesday until minutes before the special session began. We refuse to be pawns in their political game as they corrupt the system and circumvent our democracy. 
You deserve a Senate filled with leaders who will uphold the integrity of the legislature and leaders who will address the statewide issues that need our attention now.
Walk with us as we campaign to create a Senate focused on advancing North Carolina by considering a contribution of $100, $35 or even $10 dollars to send a clear message to Raleigh that you will not stand for corrupt politics! Each gift will impact Senate races across the state and help bring the right leadership to Raleigh. Your gift can mean victory in November 2016!
Together, we can fight for a better North Carolina. Please contribute today!
Warm Regards,
Sen. Valerie Foushee
District 23
Orange and Chatham Counties
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Dr Isaac Robinson just joined.

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