I Stand with Secretary Clinton


Last month, I had the privilege of meeting Secretary Clinton when she addressed a crowd in Raleigh. I was so encouraged by her sound judgement and bold plan to move this country forward, and to redirect North Carolina from a five year detour onto the right path.

Secretary Clinton’s push to improve our education system and establish a path for debt-free college is what North Carolina Democrats want to see for the children of our state.   I applaud Secretary Clinton’s plan to prioritize improvements to our country’s infrastructure. It will create jobs and protect the resources that generations before us worked so hard to build.

Secretary Clinton in Raleigh

Raising the minimum wage is a crucial first step in providing a real future for our work force – it will boost our economy and reduce dependence on programs that working families have had to use to make ends meet.  With this plan, Secretary Clinton has made it clear that the people will come first in her administration.

America is a great nation, one of innovation and ideals that have influenced the rest of the world. We need to invest in our country and the American people to preserve this great nation, in the hope of protecting the values on which our country was founded

It is inspiring to see our party’s candidate echoing those values and the priorities that we fight to achieve for the people of North Carolina.  I stand with the woman who not only cracked the glass ceiling, but will bust right through in November.


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