As your State Senator, Valerie is committed to:

Investing in quality education:

We must support public education: universal pre-K, affordable early college programs, and our flagship community college & university systems.  These investments will ensure that all children are able to succeed and all of our students can compete in a global economy. 

Strengthening the economy:

We must repeal HB2 and restore our state’s ability to recruit and attract high-quality, good-paying jobs.  Many North Carolina families have not experienced the “Carolina Comeback.”  Our economy should work for all North Carolinians. 

Protecting the environment:

Our state is rich in natural & cultural resources, from the mountains to    the coast.  Our clean air and water regulations are being slashed.  We must protect these resources for future generations.

Ensuring equality:

Our Constitution asserts the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Yet our reality falls short.  We must promote fairness and equality for all North Carolinians.

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