A letter from Phillips Middle School

Recently, Former Senator Kinnaird and I had the privilege of visiting Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill to observe a recycling project students there are participating in. It was a wonderful visit and we were both impressed by what we saw. Below is a message from one of the students, Rohan, detailing what the Trash Terminators 2.0 have accomplished!

Hello Senator Foushee and Ms. Kinnaird,

Thank you for coming to our school to see the process of sorting in our cafeteria and encouraging our efforts. I am attaching a summary of everything that we(the trashterminators 2.0) have done.

What we have done in our school over the last year:

Set up composting bins in our cafeteria.
Switched from Styrofoam trays to compostable trays.
Recycled all bottles, cartons, paper and aluminum foil.
Contracted with Brooks Composting to take our compost to their commercial composting site multiple times per week.
Showed videos in the science class rooms talking about the benefits of composting.
Started a giving table in the cafeteria for students to put uneaten and unopened food. This is distributed out to the students who need it and families on meal plans.

Results at school:

We diverted approximately 80% of trash going to the landfill by recycling and composting.
In one school year, we estimate Phillips Middle School will divert 20482.2 lbs of trash.
We will avoid 573.85 lbs of CO2 going into our environment.

Community outreach:

We set up a booth at the Chapel Hill Public Library, where we talked about composting and explained why it was important.
We had a booth at the Walk for Education event (all 19 schools in the district participated).
We made videos about worm bins and backyard composting.
We helped people sort their waste at Festifall.
We were interviewed by two local newspapers (Chapel Hill News and The Daily Tarheel).
We created a website where people can find all of our videos and more information on our project (sites.google.com/site/phillipscompostingteam/).
We have created social media pages on sites including Facebook (insert link) , Instagram (PhillipsCompostTeam), Twitter(phillipsecoclub).

Our Current Initiative: Compost over the Holidays

We are encouraging people to use compostable or ceramic plates instead of plastic or Styrofoam.
We are distributing flyers and posting them in our school.
We made posters that are displayed in our school.

What we are planning to do next:

We plan to contact the mayor about potentially introducing municipal composting to the town.
We are a model school for composting and we would like to help other school start composting.
We are going to make worm bins for interested teachers.
We are currently working on an infomercial to air on TV in January 2014.

Along with these initiatives I also founded the eco club at our school and we visited the orange county solid waste department.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!



I'm proud of these students and our public education system that makes experiences likes this possible for all children. Keep up the good work Phillips Middle School!

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