Updates from Senator Valerie Foushee

  • Singing for a Democratic Revival

    Over the last few weeks, I have been talking a lot about the need for a Democratic Revival in our state. Since the Republican takeover of state government, we have... Read More

  • A letter from Phillips Middle School

    Recently, Former Senator Kinnaird and I had the privilege of visiting Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill to observe a recycling project students there are participating in. It was a... Read More

  • The Inequality of Vouchers

    Late last week, the Star News in Wilmington reported that a private school there, Myrtle Grove Christian, will be enforcing a policy in 2014 that denies admission to gay students and... Read More

  • Moving to the Senate

    Last Wednesday I was sworn in to the North Carolina Senate, filling the vacancy created by Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s retirement. I was humbled and honored by the committee’s decision Sunday... Read More

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